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Welcome to Avengers of Faith!!! We are an Everquest guild.  We are also a casual, family guild.  If you have any questions please feel free to email, post in fourm or in game email or tell to Keysong. 

The Laws of the Land

Guild Rules

feelyahitz, Dec 12, 10 10:38 AM.
  1. Level 30 for all non-member invites (hydra and or boxing players need not worry about this rule).
  2. Emotes are a fun way to have fun just make sure you are not hurting the feelings of the people they are meant for.
  3. All alts will be tagged as ALT in the guild manager and who the owner is.
  4. We are an adult guild. We would like to have members that are age 18+.
  5. Fighting with in or with other guilds is NOT tolerated and is subject to removal from the guild.
  6. WE ARE NOT babysitters here if you need help you MUST know what is needed and what the task will include.
  7. Guild bank is a give and take if you take something try to add something at a later time. If we find that members are taking for there own plat gain the bank will go all banker and if you need anything you will need to wait for a banker to log in to get what you need and this will be PER-REQUEST only.
  8. We are a teamwork based guild there is no room for the solo acts out there.
  9. The guild web page is MANDATORY you must register and be active on it. Upcoming events like raid and or meetings will be posted on the calendar so check it offten.
  10. As always we know that each of you has a real life and that has to come 1st at all times so if your going to be gone PLZ let an officer and or leader know WE DO CARE ABOUT YOU!
  11. We do have a DKP (dragon kill point)
  12. Try to check your in game emails officers and leaders often will send out updates or good drops that are not in the Guild bank. This is also a GOOD way to let ppl know if your not going to be online too.
  13. Check the Guild MOTD at log in for the week or days information IT changes alot. (I know that I have to do the ALT+G to see it due to all the SOE spam LOL)
  14. The group of officers are ready to help you with ANYTHING you need even if you need to vent about real life, game or anything just send a tell to one of them. We are here to help! and we DO care about you.
  15. If you plan on leaving the guild PLEASE, PLEASE let some one know!!! You can send an email in game a tell or post here on the page. We do not need to know your reason but it would be nice to know so that we can fix what is wrong.
  16. ***** IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HERE TO JUST INVITE THE MEMBERS TO A NEW GUILD THE DOOR IS BEHIND YOU USE IT AND DONT COME BACK**** this will NOT be tolerated it is an automatic BOOT out of the guild and your name will be put on the DO NOT INVITE list.
  17. Your ideas matter to us so lets hear them.
  18. We try to refrain from any form of /ooc or /shout /Gen chat wars if you find yourself in one GET AN OFFICER OR LEADER we want to get the whole story and what is going on. If no officer or leader is on screen shots will due learn how to take them its a great idea.
  19. This guild is made up of new and old players so if you have questions just ask im sure that someone will know the answer or were to find it.
  20. All officers and leaders wil treat you fairly and with respect so we ask the same of you!
  21. Come on in have a seat in the guild hot tub and take a load off. WELCOME HOME!!
  23. /anon will not be excepted /role is fine we want you to be proud of your guild so SHOW THAT TAG.....if you are found /anon you will have 2 chances to fix it if not we will ask you to leave the guild. if your in a guild then show your tag if you dont want to show it then go guildless.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

ZantraaD, Nov 27, 10 12:57 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Looking for you.
We are accepting all classes level 50 or higher and at least 50 AA points. We are especially looking for Clerics and Tanks. Please see an officer or guild leader in game for more details.
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